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Loans are the livelihood of many banks. The interest earned there ensures the banks’ survival. No wonder that they vie for the consumers who not only have a good amount of money in their accounts, but who also want to take out a loan every now and then.

And so the banks are constantly developing new loans that are tailored to the diverse needs of consumers. But the banks also impose some conditions on the granting of their loans. After all, they want to earn money through the interest and not lose any money because the borrower may not be able to pay his installments. That is why only consumers who have a fixed income and a good credit rating are entitled to a loan.

Loan without salary – how should that work?

Loan without salary - how should that work?

But what to do if you have no income or salary? How to take out a loan without a salary?

The situation is really a bit complicated in such a case. After all, those who do not have a monthly fixed and correspondingly high income are not creditworthy. Therefore, you should first look at why there is no salary. Perhaps the consumer is a housewife who takes care of her family sacrificially every day? Then, if she wanted a loan, she could ask her life partner if she would like to appear as another borrower. If he does a regular job and brings home a corresponding salary, then these are very good prerequisites.

Borrow money despite salary

Borrow money despite salary

The situation is similar if the consumer is currently unemployed and therefore cannot prove a salary. Unemployment benefit or Hartz IV does not count as income. Here, too, a second borrower could relax the situation and contribute to a loan.

And if you don’t get a loan from a traditional bank in such a constellation, you can try your luck the second time through a credit broker. These work independently of the banks and use their means to find a private investor. If the customer agrees to support the loan request, a loan without salary can result. However, you should always check all offers – no matter which side they come from – and weigh up whether they are worthwhile or not.

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